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What We Offer

Designed for Businesses at Any Level

Managed IT

Simple pricing. Everything you need.

Are you relying on a single person for all your IT needs? Does your cybersecurity feel flimsy (or non-existent)? Are you intimated by the constant changes in IT? Do you wonder what exactly you’re spending money on with technology?

Complete Support Coverage for All Your IT Requirements.

  • Unlimited Support
  • 24/7/365 Network Management
  • Help Desk & Ticketing
  • Best Practice Cybersecurity
  • Vendor Assistance
  • Network & Endpoint Security
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Transparent Guidance

Want to Drive Revenue and Increase Efficiencies?

Streamlined Operations
Productive employees lead to more profits.
The Right Partner
Our dedicated team will ensure your business IT is always a priority.
Known Track Record
You can count on our track record of client satisfaction.

Co-Managed IT

Multiply your advantages.

Is your in-house IT team overwhelmed? Is the list of tech projects growing instead of being checked off? Are new and different tech approaches beyond your IT department’s skill set? Do you worry about covering your IT staff’s vacation time or off hours?

Why Not Throw Your IT Staff a Lifeline with Co-Managed IT Services?

  • Help Desk
  • Project Management
  • Scalable Resources
  • Security Planning & Monitoring
  • IT Architecture Reviews

Bridge Your Resource Gaps. Your IT Pros Deserve Support.

Security & Compliance
Cyber threats, compliance requirements and regulations are ever-changing. We can help.
Shifting IT Environments
IT environments are more complex than ever. We can help your team handle these support scenarios.
New Technologies
New advances in technology come fast and require in-depth knowledge. We an help your team learn and implement these new solutions.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

We protect what’s important to your business.

Do you feel uncertain about how to react to a potential cyber attack? Have you been following the same cybersecurity strategy for several years without reassessing its effectiveness? Is your disaster recovery plan inadequate or entirely non-existent, leaving significant vulnerabilities? Are you concerned about the methods and locations used to store your business data, which may pose a risk to its security?

Imagine Full Protection for Your Business.

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Firewall & Network Management
  • Employee Security Training
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Advanced Threat Detection

Rest Assured You’re on the Right Track.

Wrapped in Protection
Deep security layers help your business be as safe as possible.
Prepared to Face Disaster
Proper security plans and procedures ensure that your business is prepared no matter what comes your way.
Move from Fear to Action
It’s tempting to just stick your head in the sand because it can seem overwhelming. Let us help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of your support contracts?

Our standard agreement is 12 months. We do give discounts for longer agreements.

What can I expect from our Microsoft Teams call?
You’ll have a short 30 minute meeting with our Engagement Team who will review the information you submitted and how that looks in our business model. You’ll leave this call with a great understanding of how we work and a budgetary estimate for your support.
What is my obligation after our initial call?
None at all. Of course we hope that you are happy about what we discuss and are interested in moving forward. But, if it is not something that is right for you at this time we understand and hold you to no obligation whatsoever.
Why is my proposal only an estimated amount?
We have deep expertise at supporting all kinds of business environments and our model is very mature so we can definitely get you a price that is in the ballpark of the final number. If you decide you’d like to move forward to the next step, then our team will engage with you on a much deeper level of discovery that will help us get you the final price.
How long do I have to decide to move forward?
We won’t hold you to any timelines. We know you have a business to run. We’ll check with you occasionally to see if your situation has changed. You can also reach back out to our team at any time.

What Our Clients Say

Five Stars

This group is always very professional and responds to calls very promptly. It is such a peace of mind to have them available. Thank you.

Terry L.
Five Stars

I appreciate the team effort. Options were discussed, and the solution implemented fit our needs perfectly.

Michael F.
Five Stars

Hugh and Chris have demonstrated their IT expertise in diagnosing and seeking solutions to many complex computer problems that I have experienced. They have always been accessible and courteous in the process of determining a resolution.

Marty B.
Five Stars

Quick and helpful with my issue and talked me through how to further troubleshoot should the issue occur again.

Joey P.
Five Stars

We have been working with DEVsource for a couple of months. Response time and service have been great. In particular, Chip has been great receiving and fielding calls, while Hugh has been very responsive and professional, quickly handling issues!

Michael P.
Five Stars

Prompt, polite and efficient! Always fixes our problems!!

Denise W.
Five Stars

Fast, efficient, courteous and professional. What more can I say? They are simply the best.

Mark M.
Five Stars

Excellent, quick, and efficient! New phones within a couple of days……greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

Kelly O.
Five Stars

Peter was delightful! He was patient with our new Chairperson, and walked them through all they needed. He was also timely, that was very helpful to us. I would recommend DEVsource to anyone and everyone.

Dora E.
Five Stars

Thank you for setting us up for remote access! We can always count on you guys to fix things so we can optimize our systems!

Kerri C.