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Wireless Network Support | Union City, TN

Proudly serving Union City, TN since 2001

DEVsource is your local, trusted provider of wireless networking support and consulting services in the Union City, TN area. Our WiFi network support services will ensure your organization has a scalable wireless network with strong, reliable and secure connectivity. Contact us today to speak to a wireless network consultant.

Future-Proof Your Wireless Network

Innovations in wireless technology have been moving at warp speed in the last few decades, having a major impact on how business and work gets done. Wireless connectivity has enabled great flexibility and efficiency for working throughout an organization’s physical premises.

The usage of employer and employee-owned wireless devices in the corporate environment has become ubiquitous, and in turn, security risks have increased along with the need for increasing amounts of bandwidth. It is important to invest in a strong and secure wireless network infrastructure that can handle high volumes of traffic and grow with your business.

The importance of your wireless network

The Internet of Things. Your wireless network needs to be able to handle numerous smart devices, from computers, phones, tablets and notebooks, to printers and conference rooms.
  • Simplification. Having a wireless network system increases agility by allowing for flexible access points and reduces the need for problematic cables.
  • Flexibility. A strong wireless network enables your organization to adapt to emerging technologies and service integrations.
  • Scalability. We can configure your wireless infrastructure to grow with your organization as bandwidth demand increases.

Wireless network support services

First, we will consult with you on your expectations and requirements. For instance, how many employees and devices are currently in use and what is the projected number in the future? Are there additional wireless technologies you are looking to bring in to run your business? Will the wireless network run VoIP? If so, what capabilities and systems are you looking to leverage?

Next, our experts will undertake a wireless survey, which will help identify optimum locations for access points for the most effective coverage and performance.

Finally, before we begin your wireless network installation, we will consult with you on any preferences you may have, if any for hardware, e.g. specific equipment models or manufacturers of components such as firewalls, switches or access points. This enables our team of professionals to take them into consideration when drawing up design and building the budget.

Wireless Network Support

Wireless network consulting services

Once your equipment is installed, we run various installation and signal coverage tests to ensure that the wireless network meets or surpasses performance and throughput requirements. Based on these findings, we will make any needed adjustments to the configuration settings to facilitate optimal performance. With our managed services, will also continually monitor your WiFi network to ensure that it remains at peak performance levels.

Let’s discuss your new wireless network solution.

With our wireless network consulting and installation services, we’ll help you make the decisions for your business that will ensure it will thrive in a secure, optimized and scalable environment. We’ll help you choose the right hardware and software, and handle the planning, implementation, and configuration of the optimal settings for your network. Our 24/7 wireless network monitoring support ensures you have a working network connection around the clock. Contact us today!