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Mobile Device Management | Union City, TN

Our Mobile Device Management Solutions Keep Your Devices Safe

Proudly serving Union City since 2001

DEVsource is your trusted local provider of mobile device management and monitoring solutions in the Union City, TN area. When you partner with us, you’ll receive quality BYOD / mobile device management solutions that make it easy to organize and protect your employees and/or company’s devices. Contact us today to learn more.

Know the risks of company-owned and BYOD mobile devices

Today’s enterprise networks have grown in size and complexity. With the growing use of tablets, smartphones and other IoT devices for business, the cyberattack surface has grown significantly.

Some companies are cutting costs by implementing a bring your own device, or BYOD, program, which increases the risk of attack exposure and incompatibility with existing technology. To give you an idea of the risks associated with mobile devices, according to Tech Funnel:

  • Approximately 70 million smartphones are lost or stolen every year.
  • A laptop is stolen every minute.
  • The workplace accounts for over half of device thefts.

As with any attack, your company must hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Threats are not only realized when the internal network is breached – these mobile devices often contain sensitive data as well.

Mobile devices offer your business great flexibility, but they must be managed to reduce the risks that they incur. The ability to manage your devices remotely reduces the risk of having your employees manage mobile security.

Mobile Device Management

We can help you avoid common mistakes

Mobile device management solutions offer many benefits, including:

  • More efficient IT administration
    This enables system administrators to focus on other responsibilities while the MDM solution handles standard configurations and updates.
  • Increased efficiency for end users
    Your employees no longer have to spend hours setting up new devices; the MDM solution can configure the device for corporate use quickly.
  • Less IT risk
    Updates can be pushed remotely instead of having your employee make a manual update.
  • Enterprise growth
    A new influx of employees using mobile devices will not be difficult to manage if the MDM solution can do most of the standard work for you.

One big area of concern for most companies is scalability. As your company grows, so does the need for your support team to be able to manage a larger environment. One person can only manage so many devices, and at some point, you must leverage the power that MDM offers.

DEVsource Technology Solutions

DEVsource can meet your mobile device management needs

As a mobile device management and monitoring company, we have the expertise to build security policies to protect your mobile devices. You cannot rely on your employees to fully protect your business devices. Our extensive knowledge and resources make the transition from manual administration to leveraging MDM solutions simple.

We have been in the business since 2022 and have acquired deep knowledge and expertise in many IT services. When you partner with us, you’ll get the BYOD / mobile device management solutions you need to ensure the safety of your customers’ data. Contact us today to see if MDM services are right for you.