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Cryptolocker Removal & Prevention | Union City, TN

The threat of cryptolocker attacks

Cryptolocker attacks can be devastating. Not only will cryptolocker infect victims’ computers, but it will also hold them hostage until they pay the attacker. Cryptolocker gained notoriety in 2013 through 2014 when this type of virus shut down businesses, state and city governments, hospitals and even school districts.

Cryptolocker Prevention is key

As with other forms of cyberattacks, dealing with cryptolocker is an example of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Cryptolocker operates by targeting files with certain extensions, such as AutoCAD files and Microsoft documents for encryption. The result is that victims lose access to some of their most important business files.

The cryptolocker attackers then offer to unlock the encrypted files in exchange for a fee, depending on the computer’s location. The catch is that the victim has a limited time to pay the ransom before the attackers erase the encrypted files from the computer. Although many can recover their files by paying the ransom and receiving the decryption key, some criminals never release the key even after payment.

Part of the approach includes outside help in the following areas:

  • Security consultants Cryptolocker consultants form the first line of defense against this virus. Hardening computer systems against infection by monitoring network and user activity as well as scanning suspicious email attachments can prevent infection by all sorts of malware.
  • Network consultants Network consultants can provide important preventative defenses against ransomware like Cryptolocker. Developing and implementing a network access policy ensures that each user account can only access those files absolutely necessary for the user’s work. This creates figurative firewalls to limit the spread of malware through a system.
  • Cloud consultants While some victims of Cryptolocker have file backups to limit the losses resulting from malware, many of these backups are on a network drive that was susceptible to cryptolocker. Offsite backups, like those stored in the cloud, can protect backups from attack.

Work with DEVsource for cryptolocker removal solutions

We provide cryptolocker removal services and cryptolocker prevention services to companies in the Union City, TN area. If your business has fallen victim to a cryptolocker attack, partner with our cryptolocker removal solutions team today to remove the virus and prevent it from spreading!

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