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Microsoft Azure Support | Murray, KY

Microsoft Azure solutions for business

With the cloud becoming more popular than ever, many enterprise users are turning to Microsoft Azure as their preferred platform – and for good reason. Not only is it one of the most popular cloud solutions in today’s technological landscape, but it was also amongst the earliest platforms offered to the general public. Moreover, it’s backed by the expert team at Microsoft. However, Microsoft Azure isn’t perfect. Like other platforms, it can be difficult to implement – especially if you’re not familiar with cloud accessibility in the first place.

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The Microsoft Azure platform touts a plethora of services – akin to apps on your smartphone – that increase the functionality of the standard Azure installation. Since most of these services are created by independent developers, they can bolster your version of Azure in ways that the original developers never considered.

Some of the most popular Azure apps and advanced functionalities include:

  • Azure DevOps The cloud is all about collaboration. As you might expect, there a number of tools that are designed to help you communicate and collaborate with your peers – but Azure DevOps remains one of the most popular. Not only does it provide you with the tools needed for planning projects, tracking progress and discussing work amongst multiple parties, but it even makes it easier to create, manage and deploy customized code across your cloud.
  • Azure Active Directory Maintaining proper security is essential to preserving the integrity of your cloud installation. Azure Active Directory is a tool that’s designed to help you do just that. Billed as an enterprise identity service, it makes it possible to implement single sign-on or multi-factor authentication – all options that let you further control the security of your Azure installation.
  • Azure Backup Any organization that maintains a digital footprint of any size already understands the importance of data backup and archives. Thankfully, Azure makes this process as simple as possible via the Azure Backup service. Although it’s a relatively standard and basic service, it performs its job well. It’s also capable of backing up SQL workloads and VMware virtual machines.

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We provide Microsoft Azure support and Azure consulting services to companies in the Murray, KY area. Our expert Azure consultants can help your organization make the most of an Azure virtualization project- contact us today to get started! Adopting and properly configuring a virtualized environment has an exponential payoff for your organization and gives you a sharp edge against your competitors.

As useful as the features of Microsoft Azure are, the process of integrating a new service into your existing Azure installation can be difficult. Most utilize numerous settings and options that, if misconfigured, could cause more harm than good– that’s exactly why many enterprises prefer to outsource their Microsoft Azure activities to our team at DEVsource. With years of service in the IT industry, including expert-level familiarity with Microsoft Azure and its most valuable services, we know how to deploy, configure and update the platform to let you make the most of Azure.

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