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Microsoft Office 365 Support | Madisonville, KY

Superior Office 365 Support

Microsoft Office 365 is a household name when it comes to creating documents and spreadsheets, using a calendar, and managing files; for business applications, these features extend to collaboration and productivity tools as well. The Office 365 suite of productivity apps and features continues to expand every year to incorporate more functionalities and cloud-based features. Our team has years of applied experience helping organizations fully utilize their Office 365 subscription and integrate the collaborative features of Office into the daily operations of employees.

Useful tools and applications included in most Office 365 subscriptions:

  • Document creation in Word & Excel
  • Communication with Skype
  • Collaboration with SharePoint & Microsoft Teams
  • Presentations & visualizations with PowerPoint & Visio

How DEVsource provides Office 365 support & consulting

As your organization grows, onboards new clients & employees, and integrates mobile devices into your technology environment, customizing and optimizing Office 365 to fit your company needs becomes more challenging and time-consuming. We can help bridge the technology gap and ensure your company is experiencing all the benefits Office can bring to your operations and productivity.
  • Installation & technical aspects of onboarding new hires
  • 24/7/365 support for an ongoing daily issues and prompt resolution of unexpected errors and problems
  • Configuring and/or monitoring security and threat management functionalities of the applications
  • Updates and patch management to ensure your team is running on the latest versions of all programs, with up to date security features

Get started with Office 365 support today

We provide Microsoft Office 365 support and Office 365 consulting services to companies in the Madisonville, KY area. Our expert Office 365 consultants can help your organization make the most of its Microsoft solution- contact us today to get started! Our Office consultants are well equipped to help your business harness these features and avoid daily/weekly hiccups your employees may encounter. We are your trusted resource for any and all Office 365 support issues!

Don’t let all the roadblocks, daily challenges, and improperly configured settings of your Microsoft Office solution impede your productivity and derail your team from completing their work in an easy, efficient manner. The team at DEVsource provides superior Office 365 support to ensure your company productivity is high and nothing is hindering your operational workflow.

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