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Keep Your Email Transactions Secure

DevSource is a comprehensive email archiving service in the Madisonville, KY area. Emails are now a compulsory part of our daily business. It is a quick and efficient way of communication for both personal and official matters. Having a secure email archiving solution is paramount to managing data growth in organizations. Our experts are better equipped to help you protect your critical business emails. Let us take the weight off you. Focus on your business while we ensure that your email communications are smooth and effective. Contact us today to speak to an email archiving solutions consultant.

Increase the Visibility and Availability of Data in Your Organization

For years, we have helped several businesses around the world by providing new-age email solutions for them. Our attention to detail and eagerness to amass knowledge are some of our selling points. In a world that is digitizing very fast, emails carry a bulk of sensitive information and data in businesses. Keeping them secure is very crucial, and this is what we do. We are intentional about keeping your data accessible whenever they are required.

What Are Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving involves the preservation of email communication in a digital format to enable the ease of storing, indexing, searching, and retrieval. There are several reasons why an organization can deploy email archiving solutions, and it also comes with several benefits. By keeping a communications record, archiving helps you stay compliant with standing rules and regulations.

Why You Need Email Archiving Services

Here are some of the benefits of using email archiving services.

Storage solutions:

Traditional email storage solutions are expensive. Due to the increase in the volume and bulk of communication, traditional methods are unsuitable for long-term data protection. With these methods, there is data fragmentation and a lack of flexibility and agility required to meet up with data management. When stored on live servers, emails can take up a lot of space, thereby slowing down the server. With archiving solutions, the emails can easily be stored on a secure off-site server or a cloud environment.


Efficient email archiving solutions provide immutable preservation for data backup. These solutions help you function with peace of mind, knowing that your data are all safely backed up and you cannot lose vital information.


Poor email arrangements affect productivity. When your emails are not properly filed and stored, it takes a longer time to recover them. This slows you down and hinders productivity.


Most industries require organizations to keep business records. Emails often contain sensitive data therefore deleting them is not a wise decision. This is how email archiving solutions can keep your organization compliant with standing rules and regulations.


Email archiving makes it easy to restore data when it is required. Archived data create more space in a system, thereby making the restoration process fast and efficient.

Why Do You Need an Email Archiving Solutions Consultant?

The purpose of email archiving is to ensure that you maintain access to email marketing. A consultant will show you the most suitable services for your organization and guide you through the implementation process.

At DevSource, we provide archiving solutions that are compatible. Our archiving processes are effective and efficient. We are interested in your personal needs, and we are committed to understanding your company’s needs, and proffering relevant solutions. Also, our providers are compliant with all relevant government mandates. Our solutions have high ingest speed so implementing these solutions is very easy.

Store Your Business Data Wisely

Looking for an email archiving solution? We offer the best services. Let us help you implement efficient storage and security for your business.

Stop paying high storage costs. Get rid of old and traditional methods of archiving emails.

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