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SIEM & Managed Detection | Clarksville, TN

Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

Cyber threats affect organizations of all sizes. Network technology is continually improving, but hackers innovate too, often at a faster pace than cybersecurity practices. The overall danger is clear, but intelligence about threats and visibility into systems can often be cloudy. Businesses create a lot of data and understanding the cybersecurity implications of network and systems events can be daunting. Today’s businesses have more connections, more complex systems, and greater vulnerabilities than ever before.

What’s needed is a way to manage cybersecurity incidents and events. Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) is a tool for businesses to have increased visibility into relevant threats and cybersecurity activity. When properly configured and implemented, SIEM provides actionable information without the risk of human error, since the SIEM system replaces or augments IT staff manual review of logs.

SIEM Solutions: The basics

At its most basic level, SIEM is a system for monitoring incidents. SIEM centralizes security notifications that various network and system hardware components create. These devices, such as firewalls, wireless access points, and active directory servers are constantly logging events. SIEM corrals all this data to achieve the first cybersecurity goal of SIEM: to provide a single set of reports.

SIEM & Managed Detection offer advanced protection

The capabilities of SIEM, however, go beyond incident data aggregation. SIEM offers organizations automated cross-correlation and analysis, combined with valuable data from several different sources. Through intelligent context, SIEM systems don’t just tell a business what’s happening in its network and systems environment, but they also can put pieces of a larger puzzle together, through understanding the server environment.

Contextual information is essential because of the likelihood of false positives in incident management. The right SIEM solution doesn’t set off false alarms, because it knows your systems and knows what is important and what is little more than noise.

DEVsource is a local preferred SIEM provider

SIEM is one way technology and innovation are helping organizations better defend against growing and diverse threat vectors. DEVsource delivers SIEM solutions that not only aggregate information but also alert organizations about events that matter. This efficient use of data empowers organizations and protects against threats. For more information on how we can deliver an optimal SIEM solution for your business, contact us today.

DEVsource is a SIEM provider helping businesses in the Clarksville, TN area with full-scale SIEM solutions. Our SIEM solutions and managed detection services work to increase your company’s defense against cybercriminals and keep your assets safe- don’t wait until a disaster strikes and your business is struggling to recover, call us today!

We can help your business ward off cyber threats with our SIEM and managed detection services.

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