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As traditional telephone companies eliminate copper and landline support of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continues to grow exponentially. VoIP has many more advantages over the PSTN than drawbacks. Data network infrastructure is far superior to the deteriorated telephone network infrastructure within most buildings.

Is VoIP right for your business?

Considering VoIP relies on the internet connection, the first consideration is bandwidth. What is the bandwidth available to support VoIP? After determining the internet bandwidth, the number of VoIP connections possible is determined. The amount of uploading bandwidth determines the number of VoIP connections supported, not download speeds. Depending on the upload bandwidth, the typical internet connection may support VoIP systems ranging from 100 lines down to only five lines. Remember, the combination of all bandwidth needs will affect the percentage available for both VoIP and network data usage.

Do you need VoIP consulting services?

When the internet connection goes down, so does the VoIP service. Likewise, if the internet connection quality suffers, the voice quality of VoIP will suffer from echoes and pops to delays and interruptions. VoIP technology is improving and has nearly reached the robustness of traditional landlines. Voice converted to data takes time and that affects call quality over slower, less reliable connections. The greatest reliability and highest bandwidth capacity of the internet connection are crucial. However, DEVsource can supply high-quality systems that address echo and ensure greater quality and reliability for trustworthy VoIP service.

Not unlike other internet-based or cloud-based technologies, security is another concern with VoIP. Similar to other well-known threats, identity and service thefts can occur over VoIP. VoIP solutions are also susceptible to viruses and malware, denial of service and phishing attacks. The security practices that protect valuable and sensitive data, also apply to VoIP. Small businesses share in the security of VoIP through VLANs, segregating networks, firewalls, strong authentication and encryption. VoIP phones and systems differ from a business phone system that once connected to the PSTN over copper lines; Beyond the headset, VoIP solutions consists of computers running software on your network.

Trust your VoIP phone needs to DEVsource

For a fraction of the cost of traditional landlines, VoIP solutions give more features, freedom and customization to small businesses. DEVsource can evaluate, design and provide VoIP systems for any small business, as well as assist with installation and set up regardless of your technical expertise. For small businesses looking for the best, most economical and easy to use VoIP solution that can grow with your business, contact our team today!

We provide VoIP consulting services and VoIP solutions for small business in the Madisonville, KY area. We are a preferred VoIP provider for business to help your company configure and debug issues across your business phone solution. Contact us today to learn more! We have helped SMBs and large enterprises select and implement a new VoIP phone system- don’t hesitate to reach out for more information!

We can help your business gain efficiency with a VoIP phone system.

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