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Help Desk Services

We lighten the load so your business can thrive

Imagine the value of not having to deal with your IT issues so your team can focus on growing your business

  • Our dedicated Service Coordinator will manage your support requests
  • Enjoy consistent business uptime
  • Take the pressure off your internal team
  • Your users will feel supported with prompt attention

The Struggle is Real, But the Answer Can Be Easy

Are you tired of waiting for your current IT provider to respond to tickets?

Are you tired of waiting for your current IT provider to respond to tickets?

Our team has an average response time of 5 minutes to your issue.  Our average time to resolution at our help desk is under one hour.  We take your issues seriously!

Have you put someone in charge of IT who doesn’t really understand it?

Have you put someone in charge of IT who doesn’t really understand it?

Let’s face it.  Business IT is complex and in today’s business environment it is a critical resource for your company’s success.  We have a whole team of IT experts who can help guide your company to business IT success.

Are outages straining your patience and irritating your staff?

Are outages straining your patience and irritating your staff?

Users just want to be productive and get their work done to help your company maximize success.  Let us help with your IT infrastructure and support so your users can continue to work efficiently and effectively.

Do you worry that something will go wrong when your one IT person is on vacation?

Do you worry that something will go wrong when your one IT person is on vacation?

We can provide your business with IT support that is 24/7/365.  There’s always one of our team members at the ready to deal with your IT requests.  You’ll sleep better and forget about this worry while our team handles it for you.

Your Pressing Problems Need Fast Action

24/7 Support

Our team is available to your business around-the-clock to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.  Not every business is 8am-5pm and we understand that very well.  We’ll take care of your issues whether it is during normal business hours, off-hours or even holidays.

Prompt Response & Resolution

We like to say that we “sell uptime”.  It’s important for our clients to continue working and be productive as much as possible. Our Help Desk is proud of the fact that we respond to new tickets in five minutes or less.  We’re doubly proud that our Help Desk average time to resolution is less than one hour!

Easy Support

We provide multiple ways for your users to get support that make it easy and simple.  Call in and talk to our dedicated Service Coordinator and we’ll put a ticket in for you.  If your users prefer, use our easy-to-use Help Desk Portal to enter new requests, update existing requests or check on the status of open tickets.

Friendly and Respectful Professionals

We’re very careful about the people that become a part of our team.  Not only do we ensure that they are a solid technical fit but we test their personality and discuss our core values with them to make sure every new team member gets it and becomes an amazing teammate.

Put Out Fires and Get Back to Work Fast

We understand how much is riding on having responsive service and support. Where can your employees turn when they have a question or something goes wrong? Your in-house IT person could be out of the office or not well-versed in the best solutions. Or maybe your current support provider is just too slow. With DEVsource remote helpdesk support, prompt expert advice is just a phone call, message or email away.

What Our Clients Say

  • This group is always very professional and responds to calls very promptly. It is such a peace of mind to have them available. Thank you.

    Terry L.
    Five Stars
  • I appreciate the team effort. Options were discussed, and the solution implemented fit our needs perfectly.

    Michael F.
    Five Stars
  • Hugh and Chris have demonstrated their IT expertise in diagnosing and seeking solutions to many complex computer problems that I have experienced. They have always been accessible and courteous in the process of determining a resolution.

    Marty B.
    Five Stars
  • Quick and helpful with my issue and talked me through how to further troubleshoot should the issue occur again.

    Joey P.
    Five Stars
  • We have been working with DEVsource for a couple of months. Response time and service have been great. In particular, Chip has been great receiving and fielding calls, while Hugh has been very responsive and professional, quickly handling issues!

    Michael P.
    Five Stars
  • Prompt, polite and efficient! Always fixes our problems!!

    Denise W.
    Five Stars
  • Fast, efficient, courteous and professional. What more can I say? They are simply the best.

    Mark M.
    Five Stars
  • Excellent, quick, and efficient! New phones within a couple of days……greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

    Kelly O.
    Five Stars
  • Peter was delightful! He was patient with our new Chairperson, and walked them through all they needed. He was also timely, that was very helpful to us. I would recommend DEVsource to anyone and everyone.

    Dora E.
    Five Stars
  • Thank you for setting us up for remote access! We can always count on you guys to fix things so we can optimize our systems!

    Kerri C.
    Five Stars
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